Swyaa Peru

Program Outline

Official Name

The 7th SWYAA Global Assembly

International Reunion Conference for Post-Program


Date and Place

August 29th - September 2nd 2013
Republic of Peru


Hosting Organization

International Youth Exchange Organization of Japan (IYEO).
Peruvian Ship for World Youth Alumni Association (SWYAA Peru).


Main activities

  • Welcome Reception:
    An official ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the 7th Global Assembly 2013, where we will receive the welcoming words of high authorities of Japan and Peru, and enjoy peruvian and japanese culture in a celebrating time. The 7GA takes place in the occasion of the 140th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Peru and Japan.
  • Conference for Post Program Activities:
    We will provide a platform for participants to share information about your SWYAA post program activities. Once the registration deadline is met, an e-mail will be sent to all participants with guidelines and submission deadline for those interested in sharing their best Post Program Activity experiences.
  • Social contribution activity: You will have the option to visit your choice from different organizations that collaborate with peruvian society through their voluntary programs.
  • Workshop for Post Program Activities
    New networks will be started and enhanced during this workshop for promoting post program activities in our countries. At the same time, we will learn some peruvian arts and a have little taste of them during this fun day outside Lima, which includes a guided visit to the archaeological site of Pachacamac.
  • Institucional visits
    You will have the option to visit your choice from different places to learn much more about peruvian culture.
  • Tourism activities
    You cannot leave Lima without visiting its historical center (Unesco World Heritage), with its main plazas, colonial churches and stunning balconies. Combine this with cultural districts like Barranco and Miraflores. An evening of culture and fun around our city!
  • Farewell Lunch
    A time to say goodbye but also a time to celebrate another assembly of friendship, love and cooperation between our countries.


Post Program Activities

A day in the Global Assembly will be set to share and learn about the different Post Program Activities in each country.

After registration, the GA Committee will ask participants to send voluntarily, a 10-minute presentation about their SWYAA Post Program Activities, personal projects that reflect SWY spirit, volunteering activities and others related. A selection will then be made, trying to maintain a varied sample of projects to be shown in the Post Program Activities’ Seminar.

Let’s demonstrate that SWY spirit is alive and get inspired by all the amazing activities that will be shared!



Institutional Visit

  • Gastronomy: Kampai with Pisco!
    You will have the chance to visit a place where pisco is produced and learn how to make delicious cocktails! Involves the sampling of our traditional alcoholic beverage.
  • Gastronomy: Wanna Cook Peruvian food? [SOLD OUT]
    This is your opportunity to visit one of our historical markets, where you will meet our rich diversity of natural resources that become unique ingredients. You'll also make your own ceviche, becoming a Peruvian chef!
  • Music: Let´s go dance and play Peruvian music! [SOLD OUT]
    Feel Peruvian music through our dances and sound of cajón. Try our beautiful traditional costumes and get your own star picture with your favorite costume!
  • Craftmanship: Make and take your own piece of art!
    You will have the chance to recognize our different art expressions and get to know their historical and cultural meanings. You will make your own Peruvian souvenir and visit a famous market where you'll find more marvelous pieces of Peruvian art!!



Social Visit

  • Aprendo Contigo: Recreational and educational program that allows children with health related problems to keep up with their education.
  • Voluntades: Promote the teaching of values and behavior habits in children and teenagers to to contribute to their personal development.
  • Un litro de luz: Is a program which aims to bring light to vulnerable communities in the world by installing specialized bottles that refract light inside the house.
Date Time Activity Dress Code
Thursday, August 29th All day Participants should arrive on this day. Staff will provide transfer service to the official hotel. Casual
    Free day to leisure.  
    Overnight at the Hotel.  
Friday, August 30th 07:00 - 8:30 Breakfast at Hotel. Casual
  10:00 - 11:00 Orientation and Ice Breaking  
  11:30 - 18:00 Conference for Post Program Activities  
  12:30 - 13:30 Lunch break  
  20:00 Welcome Reception Dinner. Formal
Saturday, August 31st 07:00 - 08:00 Breakfast at Hotel. Casual
  08:15 - 12:45 Social contribution activity.  
  13:30 - 15:00 Lunch.  
  15:00 - 20:00 Lima city tour: From traditional Downtown to modern Miraflores  
  20:00 Free night.  
Sunday, September 1st 07:00 - 08:00 Breakfast at Hotel. Sports wear
  08:15 - 12:15 Workshop in Pachacamac - Promoting new post program activities.  
  12:30 - 14:30 Lunch.  
  15:00 - 17:00 Pachacamac Tour.  
  19:00 Free night.  
Monday, September 2nd 07:00 - 08:30 Breakfast at Hotel.  
  08:45 - 13:00 Institutional visit. Smart casual
  13:30 Farewell lunch and closing ceremony. Casual
  15:30 Transfer to airport. Casual