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International Development Exchange Program (INDEX)

The International Development Exchange Program (INDEX) was launched in 1994 to commemorate the marriage of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince. So far, a total of 3268 people have participated in this program. It was the integration of two programs: the “Japanese Youth Goodwill Mission Program” launched in 1959 to commemorate the marriage of the (former) Crown Prince, now His Majesty the Emperor, and the “Invitation of Foreign Youth Program” that started in 1962.


The purpose of this International Development Exchange Program is to promote mutual friendship and understanding between Japanese youth and youth from other countries. It seeks to broaden the international perspectives of youth and foster the spirit of international cooperation. It stimulates and nurtures youth, which leads to develop leadership skills in various fields in order to participate actively in a global society.


INDEX 2013


The 20th International Development Exchange Program was implemented to mark the 20th anniversary of this program with the presence of their Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.The main theme was about “Youth Participation in Society” and it was divided into three discussion themes: education, environment and culture. This program provided the participants opportunities to discuss about global issues and to promote global leadership. In this edition six countries were invited to this program in Japan: the Kingdom of Cambodia, Dominican Republic, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Peru.




In the INDEX 2013 edition Peru was invited for the first time in the history of the program. This opportunity was promoted by the Japanese Embassy in Peru. After the selection, 10 youths were chosen to be part of the Peruvian delegation. Its members came from different backgrounds, level of education, gender, place of birth, etc. They had to prepare themselves for the three discussion courses (education, environment and culture) and had to prepare a cultural presentation to show to the other delegations.