Swyaa Peru

Major Post Program Activities

SWY Netword


SWY Netword Project consists in a series of seminars in which SWYAA Peru focus different topics that could contribute to the development of the youth in Peru. We have been working in different topics such as entrepreneurship, volunteerism, cross cultural understanding, environment and communication and media. The seminars are created by the idea of making a contribution to society, as we want a project that transcends in time and that can be imitated by other SWYAA associations in the future. The speakers are mainly SWYers or young people with an important role in the current Peruvian society. Furthermore, another aim with this series of seminars are to contribute knowledge and generate a network of young people who are looking to develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills and who want to create a positive impact in society.




SWY27's Overseas Training Session


Peru was designated as one of the five international destinations for the ‘Japanese Missions Abroad’ to travel as part of the SWY27 program. It was a great honor for SWYAA Peru to be appointed by the Cabinet Office and the Japanese Embassy as the official hosting organization in our country. The great experience of organizing the 7th SWYAA Global Assembly in 2013 was still fresh in our memories, and we accepted this new challenge with enthusiasm.

In close cooperation with the Japanese Embassy, we organized all the activities related to this project, including the Preliminary Inspection Mission that visited Peru in September 2014 (Mr. Tetsuo Oshikiri from the Cabinet Office and Mrs. Tamae Saito from CENTERYE). During an approximate of six months of work, SWYAA Peru arranged a comprehensive one-week program for this overseas training, covering Information and Media (I&M) Course contents, Peruvian culture, history and current issues, and the Nikkei heritage and Japanese influence. From February 13th to 19th we received 23 Japanese participating youth, accompanied by Ms. Mariko Saito (Leader of the Mission), Mr. Takahiro Togo (Liaison person), and Jose Sano (I&M Course Facilitator and Peruvian exPY).

Although it was a very short visit, we made our best to include a wide selection of activities in order to provide a general idea of our country’s richness and diversity. JPYs participated in cultural visits and workshops, academic lectures, official receptions, and social contributions activities; also having time to enjoy with home stay families, Peruvian kids, Nikkei youth, Japanese immigrants, and local exPYs.

It is important to highlight that none of this would have been possible without the collaboration of several hosting institutions that generously opened their doors to the Japanese Mission and gave us a hand arranging the details for our visit: the Japanese Peruvian Association, the Communications School of the Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), the Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (IRTP), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government Palace, the “Hermano Thomas Helm” Center, Leslie Patten Music Workshop, and of course the Japanese Embassy in Lima.




7th SWYAA Global Assembly Peru 2013
August 30th - September 2nd, 2013


The Seventh Ship for World Youth Alumni Association Global Assembly (7th SWYAA GA) was an international event hosted by the International Exchange Organization of Japan (IYEO) and co-hosted and coordinated by the Ship for World Youth Alumni Association of Peru. The 7th SWYAA GA main purposes were to provide the occasion for the former participating youth of the SWY program from diverse countries and participating years to meet by sharing though strengthen their alumni network. Also, to provide opportunities for ex participants to learn about the culture and people of Peru, to be engaged in volunteer activities where they could contribute to the society and share experiences about post program activities, since the GA took place in conjunction with the International Conference for Post Program Activities during the first day of the event.

The 7th SWYAA GA’s theme was “Intercultural understanding and cooperation: 140 years of friendship between Japan and Peru.”, commemorating the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries.

The Official Program took place in Lima, from August 30th to September 2nd, 2013. The official ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the GA was attended by authorities from the the Cabine Office of Japan, the Japanese Embassy, Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International Youth Exchange Organization of Japan (IYEO) and alumni representatives from all over the world. During the program, ex PYs interacted with local people and participated actively in social contribution activities focused in different field: sustainability, youth development and education. They also visited representative local institutions where they had a full experience on Peruvian culture and good practices in the areas of music, dances, arts and crafts; and gastronomy.

Furthermore, participants had the chance to go on tour around Lima's historical center, visit important districts like Miraflores to get know about modern Lima, and visit archaeological sites like the Temple of Pachacamac in the southeast of Lima. The official program was closed with a special farewell lunch. Participants enjoyed a Peruvian folk dance show and shared time reminding the best moments of the GA.

The optional tour (OT) to Cusco took place from September 2nd to September 5th, where participants went on a city tour, visited Coricancha Temple and ruins such as Sacsayhuaman, Kenko, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay. The highlight of the OT was the opportunity to visit the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




Learn Live Love Project
October 29th - November 3rd, 2012


LearnLiveLove is a European - Latin American Volunteer project that was developed in different countries like Peru, Norway, Finland, Brasil, Venezuela, Turkey, Argentina and Slovenia. The aim of the project was to generate, through educational initiatives and cultural exchange, collaborative strategies with a view towards reducing poverty and marginalization. LearnLiveLove was an active project, where volunteers could experience the realities of others and thus, generate a positive change in the local society.

SWYAA Peru was in charge of one of the main activities of the LLL Project: The Volunteer Project Week – Peru. For fulfilling the objectives of this important element of the project a team of SWYers was formed. The LLL Peru Team consisted of Alexandra Gutiérrez (SWY24), Paul Hoyle (SWY24), Diego Padilla (SWY21), Mariana Blondet (SWY21) and Miguel Montañez (SWY24). In addition to this, SWYAA Peru called on an open application to establish alliances with 3 other organizations to work together for the LearnLiveLove Project: Proyecto Lomas, Voluntades and A Liter of Light - Perú.

The aim for the Volunteer Project Week was to give a “Taste of Volunteer” to the international participants. In this way, the participants had the opportunity to experience a variety of volunteer activities in Lima and share with different organizations. They could work in activities “hands on” like preparing and installing solar bulbs in a human settlement, discovering and protecting the Lomas, teaching values and playing games with adolescents living in a shelter and teaching about their countries to hospitalized children. Also they had some workshops where they could learn about volunteerism in Perú and share about volunteerism in their countries. Peruvian music, food and tourism was also present.


LearnLiveLove Project Web Page: http://learnliveloveproject.weebly.com




Bus for World Youth - BWY
2009 - 2010


The Bus for World Youth Program (BWY) was a voluntary Post Program Activity proposed by the Peruvian delegation on board SWY 21 (2009) with the objective of traveling through Peru with the same spirit of the Ship, but on a Bus.

The purpose of the Bus for World Youth Program was to reassure participant’s commitment with society and leadership, through volunteer work and donations for Peruvian communities in need. Throughout 14 days, from December 28th 2009 to January 10th 2010, the participants traveled by bus from Lima to Ica (Pisco, El Carmen and Huacachina), Arequipa (city, and a poor community near Colca Canyon called Chalhuanca), Puno (city, and the islands of Uros, Amantaní, Taquile and Sillustani), and finally, Cusco (city, Korikancha, Sacsayhuaman, Quenqo, Puca Pucara, Tambomachay, Maras, Moray, Ollantaytambo, and Inca Trail… with Machu Picchu at the end!). In each place we tried to create an environment of partnership, solidarity and cultural exchange. During our journey we were able to assist four Peruvian communities with music instruments and the tuition for workshops in order to reinforce their identity through music, clothing for the cold weather and educational materials for the local libraries. We also had the opportunity to share valuable time with the people of these communities.

More information available in the blog: www.bwyperu.blogspot.com.