Swyaa Peru

How to apply

Application process in Peru will take place between June 17 and July 17, 2014. Application requirements are:

a) Must hold Peruvian nationality and 18-30 years old of age as of April 1, 2014 (i.e. born after April 2, 1983 and before April 1, 1996)
b) Must be physically and mentally fit to be able to endure the cruise, can follow a regimented program, and have the discipline to live harmoniously in a large group.
c) Must have sufficient command of English to participate smoothly in activities during the program, which include presentations and debates.
d) Should have active involvement in international exchange or youth activities locally, professionally or through school or youth/voluntary organizations, and who can be expected to continue to remain committed to such involvement upon returning home from the program.
e) Possesses strong leadership, communication and team working skills.
f) Must be able to participate in the whole program including the Preparatory Training in Lima (between September and December 2014).

Individuals who meet the above mentioned requirements can apply by following the application procedure:

  1. Obtain a unique applicant code by clicking here. You will need a validated code when filling the application form.
  2. Download the Application form and the Reference letter.
  3. Complete the application form in a computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader (handwritten forms will not be accepted). [Install Acrobat Reader]
  4. All applicants must submit two reference letters, in separate and sealed envelopes, together with the application form. One of the letters must be completed and signed by an authority of the organization the applicants belongs to (such as NGO, youth organization, school or university, sports, social or cultural institution, etc.). Second letter can be completed and signed by an immediate supervisor, colleague or teacher of the applicant. Download the reference letter by clicking here.
  5. Applicants living in Lima and Callao must also pay a 20 soles application and processing fee. After paying this fee, your unique applicant code will be validated. Learn how to pay the application fee by clicking here. This payment is non-reimbursable and helps covering the advertising, communications, meetings, and administrative costs of the selection process. In order to promote the participation from different regions of the country, applicants from outside the department of Lima and Callao will be waived from the application fee. SWYAA Peru will subsidize these applications.
  6. Applicants in Lima and Callao must present their application documents at the “Centro Cultural Peruano Japonés” (Gregorio Escobedo 803, Jesus Maria). Applicants from outside Lima must send their application documents via snail mail to the Japanese Embassy in Lima (Apartado Postal 3708, Lima 100). All application documents must arrive before the deadline.
  7. Final deadline is 18:00 hours of July 17, 2014.

You can also obtain here:

What’s next?

After submitting your application, SWYAA Evaluation Committee will revise all documents and make a first selection of applicants that will pass through an interview process in early August.

Selection process will then continue with a psychological test and a leadership camp. Final stage will be an interview with a panel composed by Japanese Embassy officials, and representatives from Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SWYAA Peru. The whole selection process should finish by the end of August.

SWYAA Peru, nor the Japanese Embassy, will not maintain any communication with applicants during this process. Only selected applicants who advance to further stages will be contacted.